Life You Choose

by Home Conflict

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This is our debut album! Enjoy!


released March 11, 2019


all rights reserved



Home Conflict Zagreb, Croatia

Home conflict is a young punk rock band from Zagreb, Croatia.

The band got together in 2016. and by the end of 2018. they have released 2 official music videos.

With experience gained from local and international shows the band continues to promote their music anywhere they can.

In March of 2019. the band released their first full-length studio album titled “Life You Choose”.
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Track Name: Never Let You Down
Looking through the window
And all I could see
Rain washing streets
Like there’s no tomorrow I believe
I’ll be seeing you Looking at the mirror
And all I could see
Reflection makes me wonder
Why it always has to be
Such a boring room

For the world, I wouldn’t miss
After smile you give me kiss
Whisper in your ear
I won’t let you down

I will never let you down
Track Name: World On My Knees
Eaten up by the wall of fame
Now tell me do you bleed
Find your name it’s written on your shame
Are you weak to even seek it?
Tell me my muse could you ever refuse
Feeling wild and blind and gold
Smiling through the days,
Having stars as our friends
Here we never, never grow old

Now I see the flame
I’m gonna shut it down
Now I feel the same
Don’t try to tell me how
Now I see what this world is trying to be

Dreaming about the other world
Where I don’t have to think
You beside me, sea around me,
I don’t have to blink
Tell me my muse could you ever refuse
Feeling wild and blind and gold
Smiling through the days,
Having stars as our friends
Here we never grow old

I care for what you see
I care for what I'll end up to be

And now the world is on my, my knees
Track Name: Pact With The Devil
Understand, hear what I say
Feel me and be my fame
Imagine if you’re away
But that’s the time I felt that way
I can’t decide, what’s wrong with mine
Blurred image of what I’ve become

To see your eyes
To see your smile
Take my time
I’ll sign a pact with the Devil

Be mine tonight and never go away
Just hold my hand ‘cause I’m so afraid
I can’t decide, what’s wrong with mine
Blurred image of what I’ve become
Track Name: Purgatory
I cannot see the end
Of this God’s forsaken line
And I’m not the only one.
While I’m waiting for the judge
Only fear comes to mind
Where am I going now?

Many reasons to explain
How I come to feel this way
I hope I’ll stop the pain
Will I search the gates of hell
Or reach for God’s hand
Tell me should I stay?

There is much crowd
At the purgatory now
I need a chance
To free myself tonight
Track Name: Society
Society, you son of a bitch
Something’s gotta change
And that ain’t me
I’ve got nothing to lose
I’ve got nothing to win
But you’re a reason why
Everybody screams

In this world, we are all doomed
Forever searching for the truth
But truth is nowhere to be found
Lately, I’ve been losing grip
But my mind has disappeared
I don’t know what’s going on
But it is time

Society, you piece of shit
I’m not your friend
I am your enemy
I’ve got nothing to lose
I’ve got nothing to win
But you’re the reason why
Everybody screams

And no one wants to believe me
When I say we live in shit
We all created together
And it’s so sad they all complain
But no one wants to fight back
For the better, better tomorrow
Let’s go, one more time
Track Name: I Have A Feeling
No one is here to just talk with you
They all wanna use you
Then bury like a tool
They all wanna war
But no one wants to die
Take a look into this mirror
And you’ll see that you can fight

Shattered, no manner,
Can’t change mind’s weather
Lunatic maybe, really doesn’t matter

I have a feeling, I have a feeling
I have a feeling that no one believes what I’m
What I’m saying, what I’m saying
What I’m saying is never enough

No words are there
To convince you, you are wrong
Staring at the mirror,
Tell yourself don’t be controlled
You gotta stand up, you gotta fight back
Looking right into your eyes
You will see that I’m not scared

The ugly truth is spoken
And no one really seems to care
Better of without you
‘cause you all brought was pain
Looking back the past
Is something that I love the most
Future not so bright
I already feel alone
Track Name: Life You Choose
I’m a flame that’s being cold
I don’t play by the rules
And I am never growing old
You can’t get me, I can’t be sold
Once you try you will die
And will never know why

If you tell me I can’t do it on my own
Those words I’m not gonna listen to
Those are words that no one knows,
No one knows

Although I can resist
You’ve got something to lose
Make sure to be fine
With the life you choose

So if you tell me I could be the only one
I’ll cross the sky to bring you light
It will light your soul when
I won’t be laying in your arms
You were something I didn’t have
Hope to fall in your arms again

I will walk alone
Track Name: Bill Of Exchange
Places with my name,
Did you see you’ve been delayed
I’ve got to tell you what I mean
When you’ve got no place to be
I’m trying to tell you
But I can’t make out the words
And I’m addicted to disaster
So you better watch your turn

If you think
There is no solution
Just listen to the
Voice in your head
I’ve been living in a
Big dream illusion
Don’t look back,
Just march ahead

When will we turn the another page
You know we gotta make a change
When will we end this age?
Can we please get a,
Get a bill of exchange?

Home is where you feel
Although you can’t afford a meal
Tell me did you had enough
Of this land without love?
The doors you open once
Doesn’t make much sense
And now without your help
I’ll end up snapping in the end
Track Name: I Wonder
I wonder how you sleep at night
With all of your thoughts
Wonder if you ever think
About the words, you spoke
This bed is lonely place without you
I wonder how you’re spending
All of your nights
Wonder if you ever thought
About those fights
We had when we were down

Have you ever been afraid of
Becoming the person you’ve known
Is laying deep inside your soul

Never forget me,
I’ll be always by your side
To teach you what is right
I’ll never convince you
You to play by my side
Will it ever bring you light?
Track Name: Letter To The God
I’m waiting for your call
I’m surrounded by the wall
I build myself tonight
You could be the one
I wrote a letter to the God
Watching birds fly
There’s a new colour
In the sky

Something in the way
That’s driving me insane
Tomorrow I’ll be in your dreams and

What am I trying to say?
I’m lost boy in your despair
Now we’re just step away
To lose each other’s way

With you, I can barely breathe
Don’t think it doesn’t make me complete
And don’t try to change who you are
You are perfect the way you are

Stay calm because the road is gone
Find a place that you can call your own
Track Name: Never Coming Home
Stop right there
I don’t have a patience
To wait for better times
They will not come
If we don’t give a fuck
Nothing is gonna change
If we don’t throw some bricks
In the head
And break something

Time flies and I’m getting older
My life is still going nowhere
I try to keep myself alive
But I can’t I’m fragile
And dead inside

Stand there and watch me burn
(Don’t try to save me)
Stand there and watch me fall
(Don’t try to help me)
Just crush my bones
Since you’re the best in breaking things
I’m never coming home
Track Name: N.W.O.
Hear me out, I have to say
There’s something wrong in the world today
We are here to make you think
In what kind of world you’re living in
Thousand people out of work,
I love the way your system works
Give us hope, give us dreams,
So we’ll soak them in our tears

They don’t care about the poor
Drain our brains to keep us calm
Sending people out to war
So they can watch and earn some more

No way out, no way out

Hear me out, I have to say
There’s something wrong in the world today
We are here to make you think
In what kind of world you’re living in
No more pain, no more drain,
Now it’s time to make our stand
Look to left, look to right,
Now you know there is no way out

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